Privacy Policy
This Fuzed Labs Privacy Policy outlines the types of information we collect from website visitors, clients, and other third parties through our website, located at https://www.fuzedlabs.com (“Site”). In this Policy we set out how we collect and use personal information gathered through the Site, with whom we might share it, the means by which we keep it secure, and the choices you (“You”) have about the information You choose to share with us. If You have any questions about the privacy practices of Fuzed Labs please send an email through our contact page. Personal information we collect and what we use it for The types of personal information we collect depend on the purpose for which You provide it to us. We only collect what is necessary for the purposes set out below and we do not sell or rent Your personal information to any third parties. Clients/authorized users In Your capacity as an authorized user or contact for our products and services, we collect limited personal information about You, such as Your name, email and in some cases phone number and physical address and other personal information You choose to enter on the Site. We also collect Your IP Address and track Your information about Your use of our Site and its features. What we use it for We use the personal information to administer and support the contracts/relationships we have with You and the authorized users of the products and services. We use this information to provide updates about these products and services, to deliver product support, to manage billing and other client inquiries and send You information about other products and services that may be of interest to You. Website visitors If You are accessing the Site to learn more about Fuzed Labs and our products and services, to inquire about employment with Fuzed Labs, etc., the information we collect may include name, IP, physical and email addresses, and phone number(s) via an online registration/request form, as well as usage information about your use of the Site as well as Your use of any newsletters or other communication you agree to receive following your visit to the Site. If You are an EU data subject, our Site may provide you with the opportunity to consent to our use of your Personal Information prior to submitting any personal information; Fuzed Labs will only use your Personal Information if you consent to such use. What we use it for We use the personal information (and any preferences indicated by You, where appropriate) to send You the data and other information You have requested and, in some cases, to provide You with targeted third-party advertisements which may be of interest to You based on any preferences You have indicated in Your registration/request form. MSCO suppliers We collect limited personal information, such as name, email and in some cases Your IP address, phone number and business address from You as the contact for the supplier of the business products and services being provided to Fuzed Labs. What we use it for We use the personal information to administer and support the contracts we have with You or Your employer. We also use this information to contact You for purposes of dealing with support, billing and inquiries about Your products and services. Candidates If You are accessing the Site to inquire about employment with Fuzed Labs, the information we gather may include, but is not limited to: Your name, physical and email addresses, and phone number(s) and if you are submitting an employment application and related information through the Site, Your user name/password and any additional employment-related information that You choose to provide. What we use it for We use this information to process and manage Your application for employment with Fuzed Labs. Links to other websites Fuzed Labs may provide links to one or more other websites from the Site. We encourage You to read those websites’ individual privacy policies before providing any of Your personal information to them. Fuzed Labs is not responsible for those websites, their policies or practices. Personal information: How long do we keep it Fuzed Labs retains personal information only for as long as necessary for the uses we have set out above. Individual jurisdictions have different tax, accounting, regulatory and legal retention requirements and Fuzed Labs is bound to keep certain personal data in accordance with these local requirements. Personal information: How we store and process it All personal information we gather from You may be processed and stored for further processing, storage, and/or use by either Fuzed Labs or third parties, on Fuzed Labs behalf. Our staff who need to access personal information to perform their roles will have access to it and have agreed to comply with Fuzed Labs policies on data protection. Fuzed Labs uses a small number of third parties to provide services on its behalf. These services may include, but are not limited to, handling, processing and delivery of mailings, providing customer support, hosting websites, processing transactions, performing statistical analysis of our services, and providing systems and software for its administrative functions, such as sales processing, accounting/finance management and procurement. In such cases, Fuzed Labs remains controller of the personal data, the third parties only process the data in accordance with our instructions and we are responsible for ensuring such third parties are compliant with all applicable data protection regulations in relation to their processing activities. Use of cookies on the Site and in our products and services We use Cookies to set user preferences such as email and, if applicable, password. This information allows us to personalize the user experience and improve the quality of Site navigation and the products and services we offer through it. Cookies do not reveal the identity of the individual user; they only identify the computer utilized by that user. Specific information about the cookies we use is available on the Site. How to update Your personal information or make a data subject request Clients /Suppliers If You need to update Your personal information or make a Data Subject Request (as described below), please email us through our contact form and Your email will be directed to the correct Fuzed Labs team to take action with respect to Your request. Website visitors If You need to update Your preferences or personal information or make a Data Subject Request, You can email us through our contact form. Candidates Data Subject Requests or Questions related to Your personal information submitted as an application for employment inquiries You’ve made or job applications You’ve submitted should be sent through our contact form. What about children’s privacy? Fuzed Labs does not separately identify, or collect, any information that is specific to children. What is a Data Subject Request? Some local regulations grant individuals in those localities certain rights with respect to the personal data held by companies, including but not limited to the right of an EU Data Subject to inquire about their personal information. Data Subject Requests include these types of inquiries. Your consent If You are submitting personal information from a US IP address, You consent to the collection and use of any personal information and any related information in the manner described in this Privacy Policy. If You are an EU data subject, and we don’t already have the right to use your personal information – for example, to perform under a contract with You, our Site provides You with the opportunity to consent to our use prior to submitting it. Fuzed Labs will only use Your personal information if it is authorized to do so and that use will be consistent with this Privacy Policy. Changes to the Privacy Policy Fuzed Labs reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time by posting a new Privacy Policy without notice. We encourage You to review our Privacy Policy on a regular basis so that You will be aware of any changes to it. Regarding persons subject to EU General Data Protection Regulations 2016/ 679 (“GDPR”), Fuzed Labs has updated its Privacy Policy to take account of GDPR and much of the information set out above is relevant to You as an EU data subject, but we are obliged to also provide You with local contact details of our Data Protection Officer. If You are an EU data subject and have any questions or comments about the information contained in this Privacy Policy or any other privacy inquiries, including if You want to make a data subject request or complain about Fuzed Labs collection and use of Your personal data, please use our contact form.