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EDC CLUB Soap Bar Worry Stone now available @

Introducing the EDC CLUB Soap Bar Worry Stone by Fuzed Labs – the ultimate secret handshake for those in the know. This sleek, pink soap-shaped wonder isn't just a conversation starter; it's your personal fight club against stress. Crafted with the same attention to detail as Tyler Durden's masterplan, it comes complete with a bold black paracord lanyard and a custom matching pink waffle pattern lanyard bead, as if it were crafted in Project Mayhem itself. Whether you're conquering the daily grind or need a quick Zen moment to channel your inner Tyler, reach for the EDC CLUB Soap Bar Worry Stone – because being into EDC has never felt this good. Elevate your EDC game and remember the first rule – talk about it, but only with those who understand.

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Fuzed Labs MAGGIE Bic Lighter Cases dropping today @

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Introducing the KINGPIN King Sized Cone Filling Station – your ultimate tool for crafting impeccable king-sized cones with ease and finesse! Say goodbye to the hassle of clumsy cone-filling struggles and hello to perfection at your fingertips. Whether you're a seasoned roller or a budding enthusiast, our ingenious device guarantees flawlessly packed king size or smaller cones every time you use it. Unleash your inner "cone-noisseur" as the innovative pin-packing technology effortlessly loads your chosen cones to the brim. But that's not all – with a satisfying flick, watch as your masterpiece is elegantly ejected, ready to launch your sesh. Elevate your flower game with the KINGPIN Filling Station – where simplicity meets sophistication, and every puff is fit for royalty.

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Introducing the BOOMBOX by Fuzed Labs - the ultimate fusion of style and functionality for the modern smoker on the go! Imagine a portable joint and lighter case that's not just any case, but a revolution in design. Our BOOMBOX rocks a sliding dovetail faceplate that locks in with a satisfying click, ensuring your Bic EZ Reach lighter and 2 king-sized pre-rolls stay securely in place, no matter where your adventures take you. Inspired by the shape of a frag grenade, the BOOMBOX is all about igniting your smoking experience with explosive convenience. Don't just carry your essentials; make a statement with a product that's as cool as your vibes. Elevate your smoke game with the BOOMBOX - it's not a just case; it's a blazing style statement!

Custom Colors upon request (just leave a note on your order at checkout, or message us to see if your preferred color is available)

(Bic EZ Reach Lighter Not Included)