FUZED LABS – Clog Killer – Mix Pack


Get a Clog Killer™ in one of each color we offer! The Fuzed Labs Clog Killer™ is a must have 3D printing tool that has been designed to remove any stubborn 3D printer clogs you may encounter. Avoid spending valuable time disassembling your printer hotend, and turn any printing jam into a 30 second cleaning job. You’ll want one for every printer in your farm.

The Clog Killer™ was designed to work for any 3D printer that uses 1.75mm filaments, and can also be used with Bowden and Direct Drive 3D printers.

Designed by Fuzed Labs, the Clog Killer™ comes with a depth setting ring that slides up and down the stainless steel rod to help set the perfect height for your tool when inserting into any hotend or tubes. It also comes with a handy hang chain for keeping on your tool wall.

Each Mix Pack comes with 3 total Clog Killers, in UV Green, Smoke Grey, and Stealth Black.


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